Afbeelding invoegen Calcite rocks are very fertile. Note the vegetation on the raw material prior to extraction and micronisation.
 Oenosan ® is a mineral fertiliser, designed for optimal plant protection and resistance against hydric stress. It is mainly composed of micronised Calcite (CaCO3), supplemented by small amounts of volcanic dust and traces.The basic material is rich in minerals (Calcium, Magnesium carbonate, Silica and Iron), as well as spur elements that trigger specific enzyme reactions within the plant

On August, 8th 2007 Agraphyt has earned the certificate of conformity for the calcareous fertiliser Oenosan® to be used in organic farming. Our product is adhering to the specifications of annex 1 of CEE standard (CE) 889/2008 and may carry the designation ‘may be used in organic farming in accordance with (EC) regulations N° 834/2007 – certified by Certisys-BE-BIO 01’ on its labels.
The authenticity of the certification can be verified on the website of the certification body Certysis under number ATIN-901888-en (certification for the year 2010).
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*Oenosan is a registered trademark of Agraphyt NV