Humic acids are a group of macro- and micro molecular compounds. The liquid has a dark colour and is produced during the humification process. Humic acids are used in horticulture and agriculture to purify and improve soils.
Lignohumax is made up of 90% complex humic acids. It contains humic acids (humates) and fulvic acids. Lignohumax has a positive effect on the soil and vitalizes plants. Because lignohumax is produced in a faster humification process than normal humus, it is more pure in composition. The sustainable, industrial production of Lignohumax guarantees a consistent, high quality product. The fluid is fully soluble and can be applied in combination with other products.
Lignohumax provides:
  • Improvement of the root development
  • Improvement of the root aeration
  • Supports the production of chlorofyl
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Improves mitosis of plant cells
  • Increases the dry matter content of plants

Plants that are treated with lignohumax become more resistant to stressful situations like draught, water surplus, high and low temperatures, crop protection products and fertilizers.

Lignohumax can be used for the soil, substrates, hydro cultures, foliar feeding and seedling treatments. Lignohumax also accelerates the decomposing process, soil remediation, meristem culture and reduces the odour of manure. Green Balance can advise you on the application of Lignohumax. For more information, please contact Green Balance.