Gaiasan Soil Granulate is a natural product that has been developed to improve the soil structure and improve the growth environment for the plants. The granulate consists of organic matter and different types of beneficial soil based micro-organisms. The Gaiasan Soil Granulate also contains rock flour that provides the soil with nutrients and nourishes the micro-organisms. The Gaiasan Soil Granulate is made of 100% organic ingredients and can be used for organic farming.
Gaisan Soil granulate provides:
  • An accelerated breakdown of organic matter in the soil
  • An improved soil structure and soil aeration
  • An improved soil lifeAn improved plant immune system
  • Activation of germination, root formation, gemmation and flower induction.

Gaiasan Soil Granulate adds organic matter to the soil. A good soil life is able to break down organic matter and decompose it into nutrients. A higher concentration of nutrients available in the soil will lead to an increased soil life. A better soil life provides the soil with a better structure, which leads to better germination of plants. A good soil life will also lower the risk of soil-borne diseases. 

A healthy soil contains about 40.000kg of beneficial micro-organisms per hectare. In practice, there is often only 10.000kg of beneficial micro-organisms per hectare present in soils. Gaiasan Soil  Granulate can increase the concentration of micro-organisms in the soil to the desirable concentration. This will lead to an accelerated decomposition of organic matter and an improvement of the soil structure.


Gaiasan Soil Granulate can be applied when:

  • There is a disturbed soil structure
  • There are low levels of organic matter in the soil
  • The crop has a low immune system
  • There is a disturbed soil life

The Gaiasan Soil Granulate can be applied during the whole year, but application during early spring or autumn gives the best results. The granulate can be spread with a granular fertilizer applicator. Gaiasan Soil Granulate contains a basic amount of nutrients and can support the fertilization of the soil. On request and with an additional charge, extra nutrients can be added to the granulate.

Because every soil is different and requires a different approach, Green Balance gladly advises you about the ultimate application method of Gaiasan Soil Granulate. Please contact Green Balance for more information.